EABA is a role-playing system for the new EABA is a generic role-playing system using six-sided dice that can handle almost pdf and print-on-demand form. Our core RPG system, with advanced pdf functions. EABA is the self-mocking acronym for the End All Be All role-playing system, a universal. EABA v [augmented pdf] - EABA v2 is a technological and to some EABA is the self-mocking acronym for the End All Be All role-playing.

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EABA Basic Edition - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. EABA RPG. The End All Be All game system, commonly known as EABA and pronounced "ee -buh", is a role-playing game EABA was first published in as a PDF only, available either through online download or print on demand. Publishing in this. EABA v - Age of Ruin (grayscale).pdf, , KB. file, EABA v - Code Black - Brecken brozokpulepsmen.ml, , KB. file.

The actual rolls are fairly straightforward, keeping the best three results if you have three dice from pools of typically between one and five six siders.

These difficulties are listed alongside a die pool which would beat that difficulty half the time, and a die pool where the roller would be able to automatically succeed.

The Take 2s rule has interesting effects at smaller difficulty numbers and die pools, which is used to explain how normal people get by with relatively little capability in, for example, driving a car.

The Chart may look overwhelming, but because the information density is so much higher any group should see the benefits after some practice.

While there are good design decisions in play here, the core mechanics of EABA are merely well-done, a logical development from its ancestors.

No, EABA measures turn length precisely, but the turns get longer. Each turn is twice as long as the last: first you have a one second turn, then two, then four, and so on. The logic here is that after the length of time modeled in ten turns 16 minutes , something has inevitably happened to change the situation: the police arrive, the air strike comes in, whatever it may be.

Even if you wanted to have a combat that lasted that long, running it in most traditional RPGs would be simply untenable. Players can spend turn mod on actions in their turn, so the longer the turns are, broadly, the more likely actions will succeed. In practical terms, turn mod negates a certain quantity of multiple action penalties, providing justification within the rules for how much characters can do in their less limited time. Initiative is bid, with higher bids winning initiative but resulting in higher action penalties.

Melee attacks are opposed rolls, ranged attacks are static rolls with a difficulty equal to range from The Chart , size from The Chart , and hit location if applicable. Damage rolls are interesting.

EABA Basic Edition

First, armor is applied to the die value of the damage, so whether or not the attack penetrates armor is not random. Second, damage is applied to a static hit track, similar to Cyberpunk , where certain damage levels begin applying penalties to actions.

The logic is that while a lethal hit can be a nasty shock, beyond a certain point the marginal damage being done by each subsequent hit is less. While that makes characters harder to kill, the hit track is still only eight boxes long. Like in GURPS, there is an extensive set of circumstantial rules and optional add-ons to the combat system. That said, the basic combat rules fit neatly into 23 pages.

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Characters in EABA have six basic attributes: Attribute scores progress exponentially, rather than linearly as is typical of many games.

Increasing an ability score by 3 is an approximate doubling of the Attribute. A score of is considered average for any human attribute, 13 is the upper limit of human ability, and anything over 15 considered legendary. Skills are downloadd using skill points in a similar manner to attributes.

Each skill has an associated attribute; Firearms is based on Agility, Programming based on Awareness, etc. A character without any ability in a particular skill can use the base attribute with a penalty to determine the success of an action.

Spending points on a skill will eliminate the penalty and spending more points will grant bonus dice. The basic game system provides an extensive list of possible skills and specializations to them, and each setting comes with listings of additional setting-specific skills.

Players are encouraged to create more skills as needed to cover whatever game setting or style they might want. Traits are additional things about a character, positive or negative, that help flesh them out. Traits are downloadd using either AP or SP, depending on which trait is wanted.

Some negative traits give the player additional AP or SP to spend. An example is the character's age. Most characters are considered to start at between 16—20 years old for humans. An older character would lose Attribute Points, as an aging person would generally get physically weaker; but gain Skill Points, as they generally have learned more skills in their longer life. Characters could also be more or less wealthy than average, or have a special ability like exceptional luck or the ability to use magic depending on the game setting.

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Various game setting include rules for many additional traits, and players are encouraged to create more as they see fit. EABA is a d6-based dice pool system. A higher ability or skill level will allow a player to roll more dice to determine success or failure of an action, but only a limited number of dice - usually three, although there is a Trait that permits four or more under certain conditions - may be chosen from the total number of dice rolled.

Additional factors may make an action more or less difficult, thus increasing or decreasing the number needed for success. There are also numerous optional rules, such as explosions, called shots, hit locations and their specific damage effects, automatic fire, parrying etc.But the idea is the same. If this is too much trouble to keep track of.

It might also involve talents like picking locks or sneaking past sentries. They should be applied gradually. That's the newest incarnation of the old Blacksburg Tactical Research Group stuff?

It would still be unpleasant. If you are a number-crunching kind of player who likes to know their exact chance of doing something before they make a roll. There are elements of fear and conspiracy, with the bizarre Aeth making more frequent appearances in the world and other neighboring alien races becoming more frightened and unpredictable. You can see how each of these traits might be interesting in a group of adventurers.