The first three novels in the original series (The Awakening, The when she had written the original Vampire Diaries novel trilogy. The Vampire Diaries is a young adult vampire, romance and horror series of the Vampire Diaries: Stefan's Diaries series, which is a book series based on the CW Love You to Death: Season 1 (); Love You to Death: Season 2 () . The Awakening is the first book in The Vampire Diaries novel series. Elena Gilbert starts her senior year of school in the town of Fell’s Church with her friends, Meredith Sulez, Bonnie McCullough, Caroline Forbes, and Matt Honeycutt. Although Stefan hoped to marry Katherine, their.

Vampire Diaries Season 1 Book

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New York Times bestselling series. This special paperback bind-up contains the first two books in L.J. Smith's New York Times bestselling series The Vampire. Nastashia I read the books first a long time ago before I saw the tv series and I .. The book version of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES was too horrible for me. Though I. The Vampire Diaries has five series containing the following:The Vampire Book 1. The Awakening. by L.J. Smith. · 58, Ratings · 3, Reviews.

The Vampire Diaries

He quotes love poetry and tries to kiss Elena. The boy reacts with anger but leaves when Elena asks him to do so. Over the next few weeks, Elena becomes more concerned at how Stefan seems to be drawing subtly away from her and keeping secrets. For example, he is wearing an object on a chain around his neck, hidden underneath his clothing, and he refuses to talk about it.

He appears haunted and sad. Elena is determined to bring them back together and persuade Stefan to trust her completely.

Because Stefan confronted their European History teacher, Mr. Tanner, on the first day of school and corrected him about how teenagers behaved during the Renaissance, Elena plans to wear a Renaissance ball gown as her Halloween costume. During the Haunted House, Mr.

Tanner is given the role of Bloody Corpse. This requires him to be covered with fake blood with a knife lying nearby; he is supposed to sit up unexpectedly to frighten visitors. When Bonnie leads visitors to see the Bloody Corpse, however, she finds that Mr. Tanner actually is dead and covered with blood. A panic results. This spurious logic turns the crowd into a mob. Elena follows him and finds Stefan on the roof of the boarding house with blood smeared on his lips, his fangs extended, and dead birds at his feet.

In her shock, she falls off the roof, but Stefan leaps after her and catches her in mid-descent. Elena is unhurt. Elena demands explanations at last. Stefan tells her he became a vampire when he and Damon both pressed Katherine to marry them.

Stefan believed he had been chosen.

The next day, however, she told Stefan and Damon that she had gone to both their beds, drank both of their blood, and gave them both her blood. She gave each a ring and told them she expected they would all live happily ever after together.


Katherine fled in tears. The next day, they found her empty dress in the garden and ashes in the dress. A note nearby told them that she had taken off her lapis lazuli ring to commit suicide and thereby bring the brothers back together. Distraught and blaming one another, Stefan and Damon then dueled with swords.

Damon stabbed Stefan through the heart. When Stefan fell and Damon bent over him, Stefan stabbed Damon fatally. Both brothers were thereby locked permanently into their vampiric state.

When both woke, they separated in fear and confusion. Stefan lived on animal blood in the streets of Florence until Damon, who had become a powerful mercenary soldier, returned and threatened to kill him unless he left. They saw one another intermittently since that time, with Damon invariably threatening to kill Stefan. Stefan also explains to Elena that vampires have Powers that include the ability to influence and read minds, the ability to turn into animals, and the ability to influence the weather.

Damon drinks human blood and so is more Powerful than Stefan, who tries to lead a moral existence by drinking only animal blood.

Lapis lazuli protects vampires from sunlight. She now is able to identify Damon as the seductive college-aged boy who nearly persuaded her to kiss him.

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He has not shown himself because he has been trying to make Stefan blame himself. After returning Elena to her home, Stefan goes to the woods and uses his Power to call Damon, who appears. Damon admits to killing Mr. Tanner and tells Stefan that he must abandon Elena to Damon, who wants her for himself. Stefan refuses. Damon attacks Stefan and drinks his blood against his will, a process that is extremely painful.

When Damon releases Stefan, Stefan attempts to stagger back to his car but is attacked again from behind, after which he falls unconscious.

The next day Elena finds Stefan has disappeared.

Here, the book ends. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Stefan describes Elena as tiger and Katherine as a kitten.

The show complexly contradicts these roles. I think having a child on the show would have been a great addition to the all young adult cast. The two screen characters that are most like their print roles are Stefan and Matt.

Matt, the All-American quarterback, is a loyal human friend who does what he can to protect Elena in their small town of Fells Church not Mystic Falls. Instead, the show portrays a sexy charmer with sarcastic jokes and a passionate heart. Based on the previews for the finale, Katherine will make a return for an epic show down, just as she does in the books. Katherine brought the brothers into darkness, but Elena will be their light.

As her diary shares, Elena does love both brothers at different times in different ways.

In the end, the name Salvatore is Italian for savior, and the vampire brothers will have one more chance to fight for the one they love.

Name required Spam Control Field.He appears haunted and sad. He is an ancestor of Jacob Smallwood and the cousin of Tyler Smallwood.

Damon, Shinichi, and also Dr. Suddenly he finds himself having memories of two conflicting realities one that was real, and one that was made up of fake memories implanted by the Guardians. She now is able to identify Damon as the seductive college-aged boy who nearly persuaded her to kiss him. Bonnie is attending college with her friends Elena, Stefan, Meredith and Matt.

He also says that this gives him the power to stop turning on full moons and if he is skilled enough to turn when not on a full moon. The malach entered his body and took him over from the inside, corrupting his body and his soul, making him entirely under Shinichi's will. Shinichi is a magical fox spirit called a "Kitsune" from Japan. She has a very wry personality, often making keen observations or comments in a dry tone.