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You can see this entire book for free. Click any part of Deep coverage of both iText and PDF - indispensable. Part 1 Creating PDF documents from scratch. Contribute to zxh/iText development by creating an account on GitHub. This book is a vademecum for my other books entitled "Create your PDFs with iText," "Update your PDFs with iText," and "Sign your PDFs with.

He has a degree for designing buildings, not software, yet software development is how he earned a living in the first years of his career. Pre-entrepreneur career After college, Bruno did an unpaid internship at a software integrator. He switched jobs 3 times during the first 2 years of his career, working for different system integrators. In , he became a civil servant at Ghent University. He was the project leader of several IT projects for the student enrollment and administration department.

He stayed at Ghent University until While this library worked, it wasn't developer-friendly: a developer had to know the PDF specification inside-out in order to use it. Unhappy with the result, Bruno decided to write a new, better PDF library from scratch. Soon after the first release, the MPL would be added as an alternative license.

Today, Bruno is still active as a developer. This resulted in two book contract offers, one by O'Reilly and one by Manning.

He signed with Manning in and his first book was released in the fall of Eventually more than 12K copies were sold.

A second edition actually a complete rewrite was published in Up until today, more than 10K copies were sold. After this second book, Bruno decided to write free ebooks. The book contract was a catalyst that started the metamorphosis of "Bruno the developer" into "Bruno the Author".

Suddenly, everyone started using iText. However, this brought about a different type of questions: who owns the IP of iText?

preface to the first edition

Who was responsible for the source code? To answer this question, the Eclipse Foundation suggested that Actuate a company that is now owned by OpenText and Ghent University Bruno's employer at that time would make a Research Agreement with a complete IP overview as deliverable.

This project took the larger part of Startup Legal and IP from Bruno Lowagie At first, working with lawyers wasn't easy for Bruno, but nowadays, maintaining and guarding the IP of the source code has become a second nature.

Bruno also gained experience registering trademarks and writing patents. Father was an annus horribilis for Bruno and his family. In January, Ingeborg and Bruno founded their first company, but in February, their eldest son born in was diagnosed with Cancer.

They've spent more time in hospital than at a desk. A Hippopotamus for Christmas from Bruno Lowagie Entrepreneur In , Bruno was faced with a dilemma: either go for the security of a permanent job at the University, or take the leap forward and become a full-time entrepreneur.

Or why not try combining both? The company started without employees on payroll, but as the business grew, Bruno decided to leave Ghent University.

In , he and Ingeborg worked full-time on iText. The first employees on payroll were hired in , when ISB was founded. Today, new employees are being hired every quarter. In , iText opened an office in Singapore, resulting in a first Asian subsidiary in Reinventing the engineer, developer, and author into being an entrepreneur and a CEO responsible for employees in different continents having a company that never sleeps was the most challenging metamorphosis.

One of Bruno's favorite quotes featured on Deloitte's Calendar in Good engineers build great technology; great engineers also create a sustainable business model. Devoxx The Founder's Dilemmas from iTextPDF Winner The iText companies were bootstrapped without any loans from the bank, without any funds from a business angel, without any venture capital.

Tagged PDF 3. Linearized PDF 3. PDFs preserving native editing capabilities 3. Rules of thumb 3. PDF version history 3. Changing the user unit 3. Basic building blocks 4. Composing text elements 4.

Wrapping Strings in text elements 4. The atomic building block: Chunk 4. An ArrayList of Chunks: Phrase 4. A sequence of Phrases: Paragraph 4.

Part 1 Creating PDF documents from scratch

Adding extra functionality to text elements 4. External and internal links: Anchor 4. Lists and ListItems: Automatic bookmarking: Chunk characteristics 4. Measuring and scaling 4. Simulating italic fonts: Changing font and background colors 4.

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Simulating bold fonts: Chunks and space distribution 4. The split character 4. Hyphenation 4. Changing the CharSpace ratio 4. Anchors revisited 4. Remote Goto 4. Local Goto 4. Generic Chunk functionality 4.

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Drawing custom backgrounds and lines 4. Implementing custom functionality 4. Building an index 4. Making a flyer part 1 4. Summary 5.

Inserting images 5. Standard image types 5. TIFF with multiple pages 5.

Animated GIFs 5. Working with java. Image 5.

Byte arrays with image data 5. Raw image data 5. CCITT compressed images 5. Creating barcodes 5. Working with com. PdfTemplate 5. Setting image properties 5.

Adding images to the document Alignment and wrapping Images and Chunks Image borders Image sequence 5. Translating, scaling, and rotating images Adding an image at an absolute position Scaling images Image resolution Scale to fit a rectangle Image rotation 5. Image masks 5. Making a flyer part 2 5. Getting the Image instance 5. Setting the border, the alignment, and the dimensions 5.

The resulting PDF 5. Summary 6. Constructing tables 6. Tables in PDF: PdfPTable 6. Your first PdfPTable 6. Working with large tables Tables spanning multiple pages Repeating the table header and footer Memory management for large tables 6. Adding a PdfPTable at an absolute position Comparing document. Composing a study guide part 1 6. The data source 6. Generating the PDF 6.

Summary 7.

Constructing columns 7. Retrieving the current vertical position 7. Adding text to ColumnText 7. Different ways to add text to a column ColumnText. Keeping paragraphs together 7. Adding more than one column to a page Regular columns Irregular columns Text mode versus composite mode 7. Composing ColumnText with other building blocks 7.

Combining text mode with images and tables 7. ColumnText in composite mode 7. Automatic columns with MultiColumnText 7. Regular columns with MultiColumnText 7.

Irregular columns with MultiColumnText 7. Composing a study guide part 2 7.

PDF text and graphics 8. Choosing the right font 8. Defining a font 8. Using the right terminology 8. Standard Type 1 fonts The iText Font class Defining the font style and color Defining the font size Embedded versus nonembedded fonts 8.

Introducing base fonts 8. Working with an encoding Creating a BaseFont object 8. Embedding Type 3 fonts 8. Working with TrueType fonts 8. Composite fonts 8. What is Unicode? Using Unicode in CID fonts 8. Embedding CIDFonts 8. Using TrueType collections 8. Summary 9.

Using fonts 9. Other writing directions 9. Vertical writing 9. Writing from right to left 9. Sending a message of peace part 1 9. Advanced typography 9. Handling diacritics Changing the character advance Changing a proportional font into a monospace font 9. Dealing with ligatures Ligatures in the Latin alphabet Arabic ligatures 9. Automating font creation and selection 9.

Getting a Font object from the FontFactory Registering separate fonts Registering font directories 9. Automatic font selection Automatic selection of Greek symbols Automatic selection of glyphs 9. Sending a message of peace part 2 9. Summary Constructing and painting paths Path construction and painting operators Seven path construction operators Path-painting operators Stroking versus filling Nonzero winding number vs.

Direct content layers Graphics state operators The graphics state stack Changing the coordinate system Drawing a map of a city part 1 Parsing the SVG file Adding color and text Adding color to PDF files Device colorspaces Separation colorspaces Painting patterns Tiling patterns Shading patterns Using color with basic building blocks The transparent imaging model Transparency groups Isolation and knockout Applying a soft mask to an image Clipping content Text objects Text-positioning and text-showing operators Text-state operators Convenience methods to position and show text Caveats The map of Foobar part 2 Drawing to Java Graphics2D Obtaining a Java.

Graphics2D instance Drawing glyph shapes instead of using a PDF font Two-dimensional graphics in the real world Exporting Swing components to PDF Drawing charts with JFreeChart Making content visible or invisible Adding structure to layers Using a PdfLayer Optional content membership Changing the state of a layer with an action Optional content in XObjects and annotations Enhancing the map of Foobar Defining the layers for the map and the street names Combining iText and Apache Batik Adding tourist information to the map Summary 4.

Interactive PDF Browsing a PDF document Changing viewer preferences Setting the page layout Choosing the page mode Viewer options Visualizing thumbnails Changing the page labels Changing the thumbnail image Adding page transitions Adding bookmarks Adding content at absolute positions 3. Changing the properties of a cell. Summary of the manipulation classes 2. The atomic building block: The book contract was a catalyst that started the metamorphosis of "Bruno the developer" into "Bruno the Author".

Changing font and background colors 4.