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Juliette told him she loved him but as far as I could read he never returned it…. Did I miss anything? You're the only good thing left in this world. Oh my god! Good and bad! Happy and angry! Disgusted and longing for more!

Why do I love them so much!? He seems to care about her a LOT and he even admitted that he loved her! But why does he hurt her so much?

XD His smile is laced with dynamite. Walks to the door. I loved Kenji! That boy is so funny and I really enjoyed his sassy demeanour.

View all 33 comments. The lack of world building is one of my main issues with this book even though it seems like things will be explained in book I didn't love the writing and the characters felt very one dimensional. Kinda felt like another YA dystopian world with a love triangle and an incredibly pretty main character - even after spending over 6 months isolated, underfed Her bea 2.

Her beauty is mentioned in pretty awkward moments. If it wasn't for the fact that people say the series becomes way better after book 1 I would stop but I'll give the second book a try! View all 24 comments. I was going to take this down one star but I'm too lazy to change it on my blog so there! I loved this book! Another trilogy for me.

I already have the other books. You can seriously go broke on Goodreads! Read at your own risk: This book captured me from the start! Juliette has lived in a type of mental ward for days. She doesn I was going to take this down one star but I'm too lazy to change it on my blog so there! She doesn't get to talk to anyone or do anything. It takes a good bit of time for them to tell you why her parents threw her in this place.

She killed a little boy just by touching him. If she touches you, she sucks the life right out of you. She was devastated, she just wanted to try to give the little boy some comfort when his mom was being horrible to him. I love the way the author has her repeating sentences two or three times to herself or in her little notebook.

I do that myself when I'm in one of my moods! It made her seem real. I mean who wouldn't be a little nutzy cuckoo locked up alone for that long and knowing you couldn't touch anyone. Well, it would come in handy for your enemies!! Out of the blue one day they announce they are going to give her a roommate.

She gets Adam. Lovely, yummy Adam: Come to find out she has known him all of her life, from childhood.

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Anyhoo, then we find out Adam is a soldier to some wicked dude that pulls her out of the place. Additional Modules This man named Warren wants to use her as a weapon to kill people. I mean what evil villain wouldn't right? He also has a little crush on her but he's a jerk and evil so that's a no go. She is in love with Adam and he with her.

They have loved each other all of their lives and guess what? He can touch her without being killed: They break out and go to Adam's home to see his younger brother.

Vrees me epub files

It's in a place where the bad people don't generally go. Some other soldier ends up coming to the house all shot and what not and telling them he knows of a safe place for them to go.

They start to head out as the bad guy finds them, Adam gets shot but will be ok. And for some reason that jerk can touch Juliette now too. She shoots him, but we all know he's not dead!

They make it to the safe house and all I can say from there is it reminds me of X-Men. There are a whole crew of "different" peeps there. I'm excited to find out what will happen with all of these new friends.

Awesome book! Happy Reading! Melissa Martin's Reading List View all 34 comments. Well,I am going to tell you. Pretty darn awesome! I am not very good at convincing people to read the books I loved so I am going to write this review without any pressure. Here are some arguments: If you are like myself a fan of strong and smart leading character like Juliet,you will love it. If you are like myself a fan of totally shagable and caring guy like Adam,you will [image error] How awesome was this book?

If you are like myself a fan of totally shagable and caring guy like Adam,you will love it. If you are like myself a fan of crazy and demented bad guy who actually happens to be smoking hot and in love with our girl Juliet ,you will love it. If you are like myself a fan of almost kissing or almost doing it scenes,then you will love it. If that wasn't enough for you,than you have no soul suck.

I love the guys in this book. Adam has tattoos and muscles but Warner is also hot in a I-will-kill-you kind of way.

He reminds me of hotter and more dangerous version of Tom Felton if that is even possible. I mean look at this [image error] [image error] Is it getting hot in here,or is it just me? View all 55 comments. So, surprisingly, this book wasn't as shitty as the first time I read it. This time I found myself really enjoying the book. A lot. The writing didn't irritate me. Neither did Juliette. Or the plot. He is hilarious! Now, Warner better go through some incredible and logical character development, because he's a fuckin sadist in this book and as a villain, I love him.

As a love interest I rather his balls be sawed off. I cannot fathom what the transition will be. There was a moment where Warner and Juliette kissed in the book and I felt sick to my stomach, because my girl apparently felt some fuckin chemistry between them, which pissed me off. Like I said, as a villain I can tolerate all this crap. I love it and think it's genius. But him having any sort of bond with Juliette just creeps me out. Adam for life. Over and out. I re-bought Shatter Me and the other books, which I never read initially, but now that book four is due to come out and everyone was losing their mind over it, I'm giving this series another shot.

A lot are saying that it gets better after book one and I'm hoping that is the case for me as well. I want to join in and swoon over Warner, darnit!

Other than its addictive quality and how fast-paced it was, this book is slightly overrated. The relationships developed way too quickly. The male characters fawning over Juliette was just unnecessary and stupid. I get it: Is there anything else to her? More world building and better introduction to the plot and characters was needed. It all just felt too rushed. People have loved Mafi's writing style, but I don't see it. It's over the top. PHP Version 7.

View all 18 comments. First of all. I actually liked this but I must rant.. I must No, it was not just the strikeouts and crazy reputations. I swear this book was littered with those..

Why Mrs. Moving on. So OK. Ugh whatever. Maybe I am. Maybe because the promise of something more from friends? Who knows. Harriet, girlfriend.. As I continued powering through I found that I never got less annoyed with the writing SO I just started skipping the unnecessary sentences… thus the book was a little more enjoyable. I feel very meh about her. Yeah, yeah.

I like him. The whole taking are of your family, living through abuse— I feel you bro, I feel you.

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Thats some tough crap. Warner …. Right now he seems like an over obsessed lunatic… but who knows. Kenji - Congrats dude. Lets call you Mr. Ughhh Tamlin much? Survive first! Chill your dills. Seriously, I liked these two together.. Whatever, I know what happens to them in book 2.

It feels like a fairy generic dystopian world but whatever. I anticipate much more from this in book 2. Okay but really WTF is with elastic boy?? Da fuck?

Lasting Impressions So despite my little rants I'm ready for book 2 because well You win, friends, you win. View all 41 comments.

This is gooooooooood. If you know me, you know I am a pro at ignoring ships that the authors clearly want you to root for. I don't trust Adam and his and Juliette's feelings for each other are s This is gooooooooood. I don't trust Adam and his and Juliette's feelings for each other are so desperate and all over the place that it's really easy to confuse love with a typical hormonal storm. Also, Adam is super boring, and this seems like one of those romances you often encounter in first books and which only purpose is to prepare you for the abominable love triangle that's inevitably going to be rubbed in your face, later.

As if the presence of a love triangle wasn't a problem of its own already But I'll try to endure it, for the sake of a good book such as this one. Just give me a bit more consensual interactions with Warner -because of course I had to fall for the stunning and stunningly cold-blooded sociopath-, fill up some plot holes, bless us all with some more Kenji sass, let Juliette not become a self-centered and stubborn bish, and I'm sold for the rest of the series.

Can't wait to read book 2! View all 36 comments. My first reaction when I finished the book was: I fully expected to at least somewhat like this because one of my friends gushed about this series so much, and I was… extremely disappointed. I mean, what could I have loved anyways? The annoying characters? The love triangle? The cringy romance? The typical dystopia? The premise was slightly interesting. First I have to talk about the writing style.

Everyone probably knows about the absolutely ridiculo My first reaction when I finished the book was: Everyone probably knows about the absolutely ridiculous metaphors that Mafi uses.

I stayed away from all the reviews so I was not warned of this beforehand. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system??? I am not one of those people. Mafi is not one of those people. At first, it was laughable.

Vrees me tahereh mafi epub file

At least the writing style was easy to read , which helped me get to the end faster. Or maybe that was just me skimming. But what made the whole book unenjoyable or at least one of the causes were the characters. Yeah, that was basically this. Juliette was a whiny, annoying little binch. PLUS she lusted over Adam all. Speaking of Adam. The romance between these two was so obnoxious and cringy and just a;ljdkfja;lsdjf;lasdjfa. But why?

And don't forget!! Before we run for our lives, we have to kiss!! I mean as long as I get a kiss before my death am I right!!!!!! He objectifies Juliette to the point that I just cannot. Can you just not exist.

The plot was literally your typical dystopian plot. Everything pissed me off so much and I just hate this book!!! Save yourself and stay away!!!

Basically, Shatter Me in one word: View all 90 comments. Insufferable whiny bitch. Didn't finish. I simply stopped reading this book today, and it wasn't because it was boring or anything like that.

I just did not care for Mafi's writing style. The over use of metaphors and strikeout tools caused a constant distraction, and the book was just not interesting enough for me to want to struggle through something that annoyed me so much. The book well what I got to, anyway read like a super annoying IM by a 12 year old girl that just learned what a metaphor is. She repeats things so many times as well, and it's like she used a bunch of tools that could have been great devices had she used them once or twice.

Instead she chose to beat the metaphors, strikeouts, and repetitions into your head so many times you just end up really, really, really, really wanting to kill yourself stop reading.

This book was one of the biggest disappointments of for me, and I still cannot understand why anyone would enjoy this book, let alone say this author has talent. When I read the synopsis, I thought this book sounded so good.

This could have been an amazing story, but sadly the execution was horrible. View all 32 comments. A Thought. I missed the characters a lot so I spent a great time accompanying them in this adventure, I know that it is not the best book in the world and I know that alot of people can't stand it, but personally, even though I'm aware of certain problems in it, I can't stop loving it.

Shatter Me is one of those books that have made me love reading even more and will always be in my heart. I can't wait to continue with my re-reading in preparation for Restore Me, which I hope doesn't breake my heart lol.

Read about Kenji and Warner again, it makes me so happy! Original Review: I'm a monster. My touch Is lethal. I am their weapon. Like many I had said, yes , I finished attached to the characters!. From Adam to Juliette and Warner they are all very good characters with very well-defined personalities. Omg is so interesting! The plot is very interesting from the start, of course that highlights the incredible of the writing of this book, because guys, I've been in love with the way of writing that has Tahereh!.

So beautiful, unique and completely addictive! I had read it in one sitting if I could. Juliette is a great main character for the story, from the beginning won my heart, for the difficult things she has been through for his "condition" , how hard it has been her childhood and the relationship with her parents, just, broke my heart.

There were moments in which I thought, "Why you does this or Why you say that?

In the absence of human relationships I formed bonds with paper characters. I lived love and loss through stories threaded in history; I experienced adolescence by association. My world is one interwoven web of words, stringing limb to limb, bone to sinew, thoughts and images all together. I am a being comprised of letters, a character created by sentences, a figment of imagination formed through fiction. But I have faith on him, and I hope revelations for this character , maybe change my mind: He repeats my name like the word amuses him.

Entertains him. Delights him.

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Lesen 1. Download Kingpin: Fulk, Robert E. Bjork, John D Niles. Server 4 in the Enterprise For Dummies? Download Mennesket har altid vandret pdf Jeanette Varberg. Download Mi have een droom - Ramsey Nasr pdf.

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Das Schematherapie-Patientenbuch pdf Eckhard Roediger.

Download Software Architecture: Matthew Davidson pdf. Download Stift Oberstenfeld pdf Hermann Ehmer. The world is too busy crumbling to pieces to pay attention to a year-old girl. Literaire thrillers. Since the beginning of the series, he is desperately in love with Juliette which turns into an obsession.

She finds Adam in a slaughterhouse, and they escape. The Reestablishment said their way was the only way to fix things, so they threw Juliette in a cell.

Set after Shatter Me and before its forthcoming sequel, Unravel Me, Destroy Me is a novella told from the perspective of Warner, the ruthless leader of Sector At the end of the book, it is revealed that Kenji is a member of the Rebellion against the Reestablishment called Omega Point.

Ze willen haar gebruiken als wapen in hun strijd voor een alleenheerschappij. It is evident that Juliette is partly insane, both from isolation and at horror at herself, she also dreams of a bird. I am a monster. Im more than human.As long as she doesnt hurt anyone else, no one really cares. Epub Jan 5. And it was worth it. At the end of the book, it is revealed that Kenji is a member of the Rebellion against the Reestablishment called Omega Point. Thats some tough crap. In this exhilarating sequel to Shatter Me, Juliette has to make life-changing decisions between what she wants and what she thinks is right.

Now, Warner better go through some incredible and logical character development, because he's a fuckin sadist in this book and as a villain, I love him.

I used to think that Juliette gets suddenly really strong in Ignite Me, but reading this closely just showed how ready she was for that transformation. The plot.