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ruthless (the house of rohan) by anne stuart - if looking for the ebook by anne stuart ruthless (the house of rohan) in pdf form, in that case you. Ruthless The House Of Rohan 1 Anne Stuart - [PDF] [EPUB] Ruthless Anne Stuart This online resource forms part of a Hazards 'Zero cancer'. [[pdf download]] ruthless house of rohan series book 1 - ruthless house of anne stuart ruthless the house of rohan 1 epub book-]]] ruthless.

And Rohan wasn't at all like a bat which were horribly ratlike and not to her preference at all.

Rohan was like some kind of cat. And she was a mouse. A mouse who snarled. And had teeth. What didn't work for me : The trouble with having Rohan be such a deliciously decadent almost-but-not-quite-bad-guy hero is that as much as I enjoyed it, for there to be an HEA he obviously has to mend his wicked ways. I thought the ending a bit trite and therefore a little disappointing. His transformation from wicked man to faithful husband was a bit too quick and not entirely believable.

I mean, I wanted to believe it but I would have liked a little something I can't even describe what - which is not helpful I know , but something extra to help me truly swallow his metamorphosis.

Although, I did like this: "Like it or not I seem to have grown a heart. I have absolutely no use for the damned thing but there it sits, demanding Elinor. I can't live without her. I don't know for sure, other than that I found the ending a little less satisfying than the rest of the book, which was otherwise excellent. What else:This book is the first in a trilogy and is released on July 1.

I've read book 2 already and I can't wait to get my hands on book 3. In fact, the covers are so pretty that I've a feeling that I'll be downloading them even though I got the first 2 free as bound galleys from NetGalley. I feel a little guilty for not sharing some of my money with this author who gave me so much entertainment. I know I will go back to this book again at some point to soak up some more of a beautiful wicked man who has become a favourite already. Grade: A- the minus is because the ending was a bit less delicious than the rest of the book.

But, it was a really great book. And Rohan was made of awesome. Also, apologies for my overuse of the word "delicious" in this review. But really, that's the word I keep coming back to when I think of this book.

The relationship between Elinor and Rohan is complex and the story takes some interesting twists.

I was kept amused and although the amusement of Rohan is sexual in nature the book contains limited sexual encounters. I probably should have hated Rohan for being the jerk that he was, but I never did. I found him somewhat funny at times, sometimes I felt sorry for him. What Elinor was put through, by everyone, was very sad. The storyline was intense, and well written.

I had a hard time putting the book down to do anything, it was so engrossing. It is the third in "The House of Rohan" series,but can be read as a stand alone.

Book one " Ruthless",Book Two "Reckless". It is well written with depth,details,fast paced,page turner and a keeper.

It has romance, sensuality, betrayal, deception,love, revenge,a dark hero,a ruined heroine,date rape,young love, a jewel thief,adventure, risk taking,redemption,banter, violence,painful,traumatic childhood,crudity,dysfunctional family,and secrets. This is a dark,violent,cruel story of vengeance and love being found between a dark,brooding,villain and a brave,reckless,ruined woman. The characters are a challenge.

The secondary characters,a jewel thief and friend of Lucien's and Jane,the sweet,innocent friend of Miranda is heartwarming and sweet. Lucien,is dark,brooding,scarred, vindictive,from a dysfunctional family,seeking revenge for his stepsister's suicide,after the Rohan's oldest son for said suicide, and so goes after Rohan's sister,Miranda and finds love,understanding and a high spirited women who can tame his troubled soul.

Miranda, beautiful in a plain sort of way,is witty,intelligent,reckless,brave, saucy,high spirited,ruined from being abducted,deflowered,but can she tame the scarred,soulless,dark Lucien. Who she learns is only out for vengeance. Be warned this is a story of a man with a dark,soul who can be saved by a sweet,loving women. Although, it takes us to a dark side of the soul,it also takes us the redemptive side of that same soul.

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This story does same to be a little darker than the other books in this series, I would still recommend it, especially if you enjoy love coming from the ashes of evil. Ruthless 4 Stars Engaging characters, a good romance but the mystery is tepid and the story is in dire need of an epilogue.

The book is well written and Stuart has captured both the opulence and decadence of Parisian society as well as its darker and seedier side.

The portrayal of the Heavenly Host is not as disturbing as I expected although some readers may have difficulty with some of the more obvious descriptions and references to Satanism. The primary romance is compelling. Rohan's depraved debauchery is undercut by his traumatic past and the affection that those closest to him obviously feel for him.

He is clearly searching for a reason to continue existing and finds it in the intriguing Miss Harriman. Elinor has suffered as well and views herself as undesirable due to her mother's abuse. It is very entertaining to see Rohan and Elinor circling each other as the sexual tension and emotional engagement builds toward the inevitable explosion. The secondary romance is sweet but underdeveloped. It is unclear what Lydia and Charles actually see in each other and it would have been been nice to know about Charles's past and how he received his scar.

The mystery is alright although predictable and the resolution is exciting and satisfying. It is rewarding that all the villains receive their just rewards. Looking forward to the next installment. Oh, how I adored him.

He professes to be shallow and hedonistic, and he does a credible job of upholding these claims. I wonder why you like to fancy yourself older and wiser than anyone else. His grace the Duke of Leicester is in attendance tonight, and I believe the old gentleman turned eighty. It might keep your mind off other things. Rohan refused to be offended. Once reached I imagine I'll quickly lose interest, so I'm putting it off as long as possible. And you? Fais ce que tu voudras, child.

Do what thou wilt. She won't object, I promise you. I meant nothing but that the poor chit is enamored of you, and if you choose, you could take advantage of that fact. You are damn irritating at times, Francis. It would have been a tricky shot to make, and I wonder at anyone even attempting it.

It could have just as easily hit whoever else rode in the carriage with you, and it was woefully inadequate. The two men who covet my titles come to mind. My dear French cousin Etienne would be delighted to see me dead. He'd come into the title, the estates, and he'd no longer have to sully his hands with common people.

He really is the most insufferable snob. He thinks the canaille are subhuman, made only to serve him. My servants are rightly terrified of me, and I never have to do a thing to prove how heinous I can be. I imagine that's a great deal of her charm. Is Miss Lydia terrified of you?

He strikes me as someone more likely to use poison. I won't say it's impossible, but he wouldn't be my first choice. He held the decanter up in a silent question, and Reading responded by raising his glass to be filled as well. And my case might strike a little close to home. One man with a stolen title and the true heir wishing to claim it?

Shall we make a bargain?

Ruthless (21 page)

I will refrain from discussing Miss Lydia if you keep away from the subject of my lamentable ancient past. It is of no importance to me. Lost causes are distressing. Let us return to whoever is trying to murder me. It's not going to be Joseph Hapgood.

Did I tell you he visited me a few years ago? I don't remember where you were at the time. Delightful fellow. Hates Yorkshire. He's a farmer, you know. Already had vast estates in Cornwall, a plump wife and eight children. He says he never really wanted the title or the responsibility.

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I believe he still had a whiff of cow dung clinging to his boots. He would give up the title most happily if he could. So no, he wouldn't kill to ensure there was no other claim on the title. He'd much rather do without it. Who else? I did have an entirely contrary theory, one that has absolutely no substance in any kind of common sense, but the idea has stayed with me.

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Suppose I was not the intended target? After visiting Fort Ann, N. Stuart, however, dissented from this "almost universal. Retrospectives: Pareto's Law ; somewhat different perspective, John Stuart Mill feared that progress would be likely to increase the New York:.

Justice Rehnquist concurred only in the My most recent This Book have some digital formats such us : paperbook, ebook, site, epub, and another formats. It's free to register here to get Book Desire always wins… Among a secret society where exiled aristocrats gather to indulge A decadently, dark and intriguing tale, Ruthless will leave readers wanting more.

Best Anne Stuart Books 65 books - goodreads. Her heroes are often flawed and morally ambivalent. But she has also written series romances with sparkling dialogue full of wit, and fantastic chemistry and banter between the heroes and heroines.

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This site is like a library, Use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want. A decadently, dark and intriguing tale, Ruthless will leave If you liked - bplreadingsuggestions. Captive of Sin.

Bared to You.Let us return to whoever is trying to murder me. Kathleen Ann Ruane Lord save him from ever becoming so obsessed. And while his dark seduction appalls the pure and impoverished Elinor Harriman, she finds herself intrigued The first edition of this novel was published in January 1st , and was written by Anne Stuart.

It didn't matter.