Ten Days That Shook the World. John Reed. First published by Boni & Liveright, New York, Transcribed for the World Wide Web by David Walters (United. Free site book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Editorial Reviews. Review. "brozokpulepsmen.ml writes of it brilliantly and entertainingly His familiar powers Ten Days That Shook the World - site edition by John Reed. Download it once and read it on your site device, PC, phones or tablets.

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Book digitized by Google and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb. Free PDF, epub, site ebook. A book by the American journalist John Ten Days That Shook the World By John Reed. Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub. Ten Days That Shook The World brozokpulepsmen.ml Preface · Chapter I: Background · Chapter II: The Coming Storm · Chapter III: On the Eve · Chapter.

There was a feeling among business men and the intelligentzia generally that the Revolution had gone quite far enough, and lasted too long; that things should settle down. I, Sect.

The first act has lasted long enough. Now it is time to go on to the second, and to play it as rapidly as possible. He who makes it last too long will not gather the fruits. On the front the Army Committees were always running foul of officers who could not get used to treating their men like human beings; in the rear the Land Committees elected by the peasants were being jailed for trying to carry out Government regulations concerning the land; and the workmen See App.

Wait for the Constituent Assembly, which is to meet in December. But the masses were not satisfied with that. The Constituent Assembly was all well and good; but there were certain definite things for which the Russian Revolution had been made, and for which the revolutionary martyrs rotted in their stark Brotherhood Grave on Mars Field, that must be achieved Constituent Assembly or no Constituent Assembly: The Constituent Assembly had been postponed and postponed — would probably be postponed again, until the people were calm enough — perhaps to modify their demands!

At any rate, here were eight months of the Revolution gone, and little enough to show for it. Meanwhile the soldiers began to solve the peace question by simply deserting, the peasants burned manor-houses and took over the great estates, the workers sabotaged and struck.

Outside the door waited a dozen volunteers, ready to carry word to the farthest quarters of the city. These were the men of the hour—and of other hours to come. Downstairs in the office of the Factory-Shop Committees sat Seratov, signing orders on the Government Arsenal for arms—one hundred and fifty rifles for each factory.

Delegates waited in line, forty of them. In the hall I ran into some of the minor Bolshevik leaders.

One showed me a revolver. As I came into the great hall Trotsky was just finishing. I can give a clear answer to that question. The Petrograd Soviet feels that at last the moment has arrived when the power must fall into the hands of the Soviets.

This transfer of government will be accomplished by the All-Russian Congress. Upon returning from Russia during April from Kristiania in Norway, after being barred from either traveling to the United States or returning to Russia since February 23 by the State Department , Reed's trunk of notes and materials on the revolution—which included Russian handbills, newspapers, and speeches—were seized by custom officials, who interrogated him for four hours over his activities in Russia during the previous eight months.

Michael Gold , an eyewitness to Reed's arrival to Manhattan , recalls how "a swarm of Department of Justice men stripped him, went over every inch of his clothes and baggage, and put him through the usual inquisition. Reed had been sick with ptomaine on the boat. The inquisition had also been painful. Reed would not receive his materials until seven months later in November. Max Eastman recalls a meeting with John Reed in the middle of Sheridan Square during the period of time when Reed isolated himself writing the book:.

He was gaunt, unshaven, greasy-skinned, a stark sleepless half-crazy look on his slightly potato-like face—had come down after a night's work for a cup of coffee.

I'm writing the Russian revolution in a book.

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I've got all the placards and papers up there in a little room and a Russian dictionary, and I'm working all day and all night. I haven't shut my eyes for thirty-six hours.

I'll finish the whole thing in two weeks. Good-bye, I've got to go get some coffee. Don't for God's sake tell anybody where I am! Do you wonder I emphasize his brains?

Not so many feats can be found in American literature to surpass what he did there in those two or three weeks in that little room with those piled-up papers in a half-known tongue, piled clear up to the ceiling, and a small dog-eared dictionary, and a memory, and a determination to get it right, and a gorgeous imagination to paint it when he got it.

But what I wanted to comment on now was the unqualified, concentrated joy in his mad eyes that morning. He was doing what he was made to do, writing a great book. And he had a name for it too— Ten Days that Shook the World!

Ten Days That Shook the World has received mixed responses since its publication in , resulting in a wide range of critical reviews from negative to positive. George F.

Yes, as conservative critics have noted, Reed was a partisan. Yes, historians would do better.

But this was probably the most consequential news story of the century, and Reed was there, and Reed could write. The magnitude of the event being reported on and the quality of the writing were other important standards in our considerations. But not all responses were positive.

Ten Days That Shook the World

Joseph Stalin argued in that Reed was misleading in regards to Leon Trotsky. For that, mighty power was needed.

Stalin was at the head of that power, which mean that he stood at its source with Lenin. Together with Lenin he led the October Revolution.

Ten Days That Shook the World

John Reed had presented the history of October differently. After its first publication, Reed returned to Russia in the fall of , delighted to learn that Vladimir Lenin had taken time to read the book.The lack of arms on the front, which had caused the great retreat of the summer of , the lack of food in the army and in the great cities, the break-down of manufactures and transportation in —all these we know now were part of a gigantic campaign of sabotage.

This page was last edited on 7 April , at In an effort to ensure the magazine's survival, Eastman compromised and tempered its views accordingly. Max Eastman recalls a meeting with John Reed in the middle of Sheridan Square during the period of time when Reed isolated himself writing the book In , Sergei Eisenstein filmed the book as October: The Figures themselves are in a separate file.

The men were suspicious, so they stopped the train and sent a delegation to us.