5, Amateur Radio Station the Microsoft Excel ™ Spreadsheet program in order to use this log book worksheet. 19, This log sheet is FREE. I like to keep my QSOs in a self made Excel logbook. either less, anyway I kept stucked to my own Excel logger where I can do whatever I. My Ham Log. This is a screen shot of my ham radio logbook. You may recognize it as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This is a log that I designed myself and it.

Excel Ham Radio Log Book

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I made these back in the summer for emergency and /P logging - Although I have a small notepad in the Shack and a simple booklet in my /P. HF Log Sheet. PAGE OF. UTC. RST. DATE. ON OFF. FREQ. MODE POWER CALLSIGN. QTH. SENT RCVD. COMMENTS. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 13 . Personally, a log is like a personal radio history reminding you of the people and log sheet format you can download or you can download the ARRL Logbook.

Klick the checkbox if you want to skip the unwanted ADIF tags. Press "Make New Sheet" in order to get a new empty sheet. Copy your QSOs starting row 2.

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An existing File will be replaced by the new Log without asking. ADIF is generally a pure text format.

You have got 2 possibilities to proceed with numbers and dates: First: In case the date is still in Excel format like "January 1, " it can be converted to ADIF text format befor converting I.

The Date and Time fields however generate occasionally some trouble. Second: In order to ease using this tool with already existing excel logs, I implemented in this version a converting routine.

I tried to teach Excel many conversion possibilities.

Critical QSO summary. This report lists QSOs that if confirmed would boost your totals.

There is also support for county hunting, IOTA, and grid square awards. Label Printing - QSL and mailing labels can be created based on info from log entries or callbooks.

Labels can be created using standard layouts or from custom layouts you design.

Amateur Radio Logbook

Scripts - Scripts allow automated logins to PacketClusters or bulletin boards. PacketCluster spots can also be displayed graphically as band maps or in 'spreadsheet' style.

Callbook Lookups - Callbook lookups can be made via a dialog or by double-clicking on calls displayed anywhere in the Packet or Spot Windows. This just the ticket I find it very, very useful.

Amateur Radio Logbook Submitted by myamiphil on Fri, Great template Submitted by OregonJim on Fri, Thank you! I am going to modify this to fit in my HipsterPDA on a 3.

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Ham radio log sheet excel template

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Downloaded Open Office. I love this so much!RSS - Posts Search for: Since then, I have kept most of my logs in Excel. The primary purpose is to use the Internet to link Ham repeaters with a secondary purpose of providing remote access for users.

Excel Ham Radio Log Book

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AutoFile Plus. Not many countries require licensed amateur radio enthusiasts keep a log book of their operations, but it's great to look back over previous contacts and I've found this page useful for jogging my memory for peoples names Scale to suit your paper size and print double sided if you wish.

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