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22 Tháng Ba Bạn đang gặp khó khăn khi luyện nghe tiếng Anh? Đọc ngay bài viết này Hãy thử tưởng tượng, bạn muốn học tiếp Ai Cập. Bạn mở audio các đoạn .. Bạn có thường xuyên ôn luyện những kiến thức đã tích lũy được từ bài nghe đó? tiếp qua phim: cao cho các bài kiểm tra trình độ tiếng Anh quốc tế như IELTS, SAT, GMAT, PTE. Trọn bộ Cambridge IELTS 1 – 13 (PDF & Audio) & Kèm theo lời giải chi tiết. p ng nhu cu hc ting anh, nht l vic luyn thi Toeic nh cc bn sinh vin hin nay. Mnh xin tng hp B Sch Economy y 5 Vol+ p n + File Nghe Audio [Download] Sch Campus Toeic - Full Ebook + File Audio 50 tính từ có giới từ đi kèm thông dụng .docx.

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Written by Ngoc Bach Page: You just kinda want it. Link Facebook https: D Written by Ngoc Bach Page: V i task 2: To a certain extent I agree that However, I also think that On the other hand Link mediafire pass: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 5th Edition.

Link download: Writing 2. A Solution to score 8. Writing task 1 new oriental: Collocation c a Mat clark: Top 20 - Great Grammar for Great Writing http: Some people think that computers and the Internet aremore important for a child's education than going to school. But others believethat schools and teachers are essential for children to learn effectively. With a number of technological advancements growing apace, itis generally believed that the Internet and computer will supplant thetraditional role of teachers in the not-too-distant future.

This idea may pointout to two main directions, both of which present different arguments Central to the supporting arguments of this issueis the idea that the global online network is the inexhaustible source ofinformation, which definitely exceeds the fund of knowledge that any veteranteacher can accumulate.

Internet and computer also offer a more comprehensiveaccess to knowledge, ranging from visual to aural stimuli, which make learningan ever enjoyable experience, especially for children On the other hand, critics of this idea maintainthat although educational benefits that the Internet may yield are undeniable,some certain shortcomings have still remained. Much information as theInternet may provide, most of the sources are unjustified by experts. As aresult, information from those sources is subjected to question Admittedly, thecomputer can show whether an answer to a particular question is right or wrongbut it cannot give as an in-depth explanation as a human teacher can.

Throughface- to-face communication, teachers can also pinpoint the weaknesses of eachstudent and therefore, adjusting and tailoring their teaching methods to meetthe levels or the demands of those students. After one year with the company, he still felt as though he had only a glimpse of the overall operations Sau mt nm lm vic vi cng ty, anh vn cm thy dng nh mnh ch l thong qua trong sut qu trnh lm vic.

Orders should be placed before you run out of the supplies Cn phi t n hng trc khi anh dng ht d tr 2. The purpose of the seminar is to have employees identify outdated methods and procedures Mc ch cuc hi tho l mun nhn vin nhn ra cc phng php v quy trnh lc hu 2. The manager had started her practice of weekly breakfast meetings more than twenty years ago Ngi gim c bt u thi quen ca b v cc cuc hp c im tm hn 20 nm qua 2. Bill practiced answering the telephone until he was satisfied Bill thc tp tr li in thoi cho n khi anh ta cm thy hi lng.

The financial officer's unconventional method of analyzing data was reinforced by the business journal article Phng php phn tch d liu c o ca vin chc ti chnh c cng c bi bi bo trn tp ch thng mi 2. Employees reinforced their learning with practice in the workplace Cc nhn vin cng c kin thc ca mnh bng vic thc hnh ni lm vic.

She verbally reprimanded the new hire in front of his entire team B y qu trch bng li vi ngi nhn vin mi thu trc mt ton th nhm ca anh ta 2. The guarantee was made only verbally S bo m c cam kt ch bng li. You can look through that later to reinforce what we will talk about today. Part 4. Bn c th xem lt qua ti liu sau ny cng c nhng ni dung chng ti trnh by hm nay.

This training is designed to reinforce and strengthen your current computer skills. We really don't have the time to introduce these programs from the start, and well only have limited time for practice today. What we want to do is verbally cover the main functions of the program and make sure that youre all exposed to some of the features of the newer version. So, at least youll get a glimpse of what the newer version of the program has to offer.

OK, lets get started.

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I promised to finish before noon, when lunch will be served for everyone in the board room. Chng trnh o to ny c thit k nhm gip bn cng c v tng cng k nng my tnh hin ti ca mnh.

Thc s, trong ngy hm nay, chng ta khng c th gian gii thiu nhng chng trnh ny mc c bn, v chng ti ch dnh ch yu thi gian cho hot ng thc hnh. Chng ti s ni s qua cc chc nng chnh ca chng trnh v chc chn s gip cc bn nm c mt s tnh nng ca phin bn mi.

V vy, t nht bn cng bit c s lc tnh nng ca cc phin bn mi.

OK, by gi chng ta s bt u. The head of the optical disk reader was dirty u t ca a quang b bn 2. The computer program facilitated the scheduling of appointments Chng trnh my tnh lm cho vic lp lch cc bui hn c d dng hn 2. The director tried to facilitate the transition to the new policy by meeting with all staff who would be affected Ngi gim c c gng lm cho qu trnh chuyn tip qua chnh sch mi c d dng bng cch hp vi tt c nhn vin no s b nh hng bi chnh sch mi.

The recent graduate networked with her mother's coworkers Ngi mi tt nghip gi mi lin h vi ng nghip ca m c y 2. We set up a new network in my office to share files Chng ti thit lp mt mng my tnh mi trong vn phng chia s tp tin. After the new commercials began running, the popularity of the batteries increased significantly Sau khi mu qung co mi trn phng tin i chng bt u pht, s ph bin ca b pin c gia tng ng k 2.

I've processed the data I collected and have gotten some interesting results Ti x l d liu m ti thu thp c v c c mt vi kt qu th v 2. I've replaced the hard drive that was malfunctioning Ti thay th ci a cng b trc trc 2. We have been looking for three months and we've found no one who can replace our former administrator Chng ti tm kim trong 3 thng v chng ti thy rng khng ai c th thay th ngi qun tr mng trc y.

We see a revolution in the computer field almost every day Chng ta thy mt cuc cch mng trong lnh vc my tnh hu nh mi ngy 2. My CD player is broken; the disk cannot make a complete revolution around the magnet u c CD ca ti b hng; ci a khng th xoay 1 vng hon chnh quanh nam chm. There was a sharp decline in calls to the help desk after we upgraded each employee's computer C mt s khc t t ngt trong vic gi n ni tr gip help desk sau khi chng ti nng cp my tnh ca mi nhn vin 2.

Bin Son: Phng Eco The software developer has excellent technical skills and would be an asset to our software programming team Ngi pht trin phn mm c nhng k nng chuyn mn xut sc v l mt vn qu i vi i ng lp trnh phn mm ca chng ti 2. Salman's job as designer of electronic tools makes good use of his manual dexterity skills Vic ca Salman l nh thit k cng c in t dng c tt k nng kho tay ca mnh. This software allows me to integrate tables and spreadsheets into my reports Phn mm ny cho php ti hp nht bng biu v bng tnh vo cc bo co ca mnh 2.

Many computers come pre-loaded with software Nhiu my tnh c sn phn mm. You can store more data on a zip drive Anh c th lu tr d liu nhiu hn trn a nn 2. The office was finally up-to-speed technically Vn phng dt khot phi nm mi thng tin cn thit v mt chuyn. I was counting on using it to complete my project proposal. Im new at this too, but I do know a few things. Are your files stored on the network? Ti cng cha thnh tho vn ny nhng ti bit cht t.

Bn c lu cc tp tin trn mng khng? Bn nn yu cu ai b phn IT gip. Youd better ask someone in the IT department to help you. Phn 4 Ti phn mm l mt quy trnh n gin. Bn c Part 4 Downloading software is a simple process. Mt khi hon thnh, bn s thy quy trnh ny tng i n gin n dng or you can simply download it from the no. Cng vic ny thc s khng i hi cc k company network. Once youve done it, youll nng k thut, v, nhng ngi bnh thng vn see how easy the process is. It really takes no ang lm hng ngy. Hm nay, chng ta s thc technical skills and, indeed, everyday folks do hnh ti phn mm t mt trang web.

Today we are going to practice kin thun li cho cng vic ny, ti phc tho downloading software from a web site. To vi bc trn biu ny, nu bn mt nh facilitate the process, I have outlined the steps hng, ch cn tra cu y v lm theo cc bc. V mt k thut, y l mt quy trnh rt here on this chart, If you get lost, just look up n gin.

Technically speaking, this is a very simple process. Now, you all have your computers turned Hin ti my tnh ca tt c cc bn m v kt ni vi mng, phi khng? Th th, bc tip theo on and connected to the Internet, right? Then the next thing youll do is type in the following web address. Electronic devices are assembled where labor is inexpensive.

To speed up the mailing, we should prepare the labels beforehand tng tc gi th, chng ta nn chun b nhn trc 2.

The goods could have been shipped today had they faxed the order beforehand Hng ha c th c gi i hm nay nu h fax n t hng trc. She will have to spend two more days in the hospital due to complications during the surgery C y phi hn hai ngy trong bnh vin do cc bin chng trong sut ca phu thut 2. We hired a courier to deliver the package Chng ti thu mt ngi a th phn pht cc kin hng 2. The courier service will clear the goods through customs Dch v a th s tr thu hi quan cho hng ha thng quan.

It's important that this document be there tomorrow, so please send it express mail Vic ti liu ny phi c ch ngy mai rt quan trng, v vy hy gi bng th nhanh. Express mail costs more than regular mail service, but it is more efficient Th nhanh ph tn nhiu hn dch v th thng, nhng n c hiu qu hn. Fold the letter into three parts before stuffing it into the envelope Hy gp l th lm ba trc khi nht n vo bao th 2. Don't fold the document if it doesn't fit the envelope ng gp ti liu ny nu nh n khng va vi bao th Layout n.

Chng ta phi thay i cch trnh by khi chng ta thay i kch c giy 2. Cc trnh by ca cun brochure qung co mi c nhn vin thit k trnh ln. There was no mention of the cost in the proposal. Khng c cp chi ph trong giy yu cu 2. You should mention in the letter that we can arrange for mailing the brochures as well as printing them Anh nn cp trong th rng chng ta c th thu xp gi th t bm cng nh l in n chng. The petition was photocopied and distributed to workers who will collect the necessary signatures n kin ngh c photocopy v phn pht n nhng cng nhn no s thu thp ch k cn thit 2.

We petitioned the postal officials to start delivering mail twice a day in business areas. This letter was not proofed very carefully; it is full of typing mistakes L th ny khng c kim tra li tht cn thn; n y nhng li nh my 2. In order to get the rebate, you must send in proof of download Nhm c gim bt tin, anh phi np nhng bng chng v vic mua sm.

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The brochure was revised several times before it was sent to the printer T bm c duyt li vi ln trc khi n c gi i in 2. We will need to revise the form letter since our address has changed Chng ta s cn sa li th in sn v a ch ca chng ta thay i. I proofed them last night and copied them this morning.

Now all I need is your help in assembling them. Ti in th vo ti qua v sao chp chng vo sng nay. By gi ti ch cn bn kt hp chng li vi nhau. Lc ny ti qu bn rn nn khng th gip bn c. Nhng ti liu ny cn phi hon thnh vo cui bui chiu. These have to be finished before the end of the afternoon. Why dont you ask my assistant to help you with the folding and stapling?

Ti sao bn khng yu cu tr l ca ti gip bn gp v bm ghim ti liu. Cc nhn vin bu chnh lun lun tc trc ch cho bn cch dng cc dch v. Hy trnh thng bo ny vi h nhn c danh b m bu in min ph ton thnh ph. Tired of waiting in line?

Try our new express, self- service Courier Center. You can download stamps, weigh parcels, look up ZIP codes, even send registered mail. The Courier Center is located in the lobby at the Fourth Street entrance. Its open from six a. Closed Sunday. Postal staff are always on hand to show you how to use the services.

Mention this announcement to them and receive a free city-wide ZIP code directory. Lesson The computer analyst was glad to have chosen a field in which jobs were abundant Ngi phn tch my tnh hi lng v chn mt lnh vc m trong vic lm rt nhiu.

The success of the company was based on its early accomplishments S thnh cng ca cng ty c da trn nhng thnh tu trc ca n 2. In honor of her accomplishments, the manager was promoted vinh danh cc thnh tch ca c y, ngi trng phng c thng chc bring together v. Every year, the firm brings together its top lawyers and its newest recruits for a training session. Hng nm, cng ty tp hp nhng lut s hng u ca mnh v nhng thnh vin mi nht cho mt kha hun luyn. Our goal this year is to bring together the most creative group we can find.

Mc tiu ca chng ta nm nay l phi kt hp vi nhm sng to nht m ta c th tm thy. The recruiter will interview all candidates for the position Ngi tuyn dng s phng vn tt c ng vin cho v tr cng vic 2.

The president of our company is a candidate for the Outstanding Business Award Ch tch cng ty chng ti l mt ng c v in cho Gii thng Kinh doanh ni bt. In order for that small business to succeed, it needs to come up with a new strategy cho cc doanh nghip nh thnh cng, n cn phi a ra mt chin lc mi 2. How was the new employee able to come up with that cost-cutting idea after only one week on the job?

Lm sao nhn vin mi c th ngh ra tng ct gim chi ph ch sau mt tun lm vic? Generally the first year's salary is commensurate with experience and education level Ni chung th tin lng nm u tin tng xng vi kinh nghim v trnh hc vn 2.

As mentioned in your packets, the number of new recruits will be commensurate with the number of vacancies at the company Nh cp trong i ca anh, s lng nhn vin mi tng xng vi s lng v tr cn khuyt cng ty.

It is difficult to make a decision when both candidates seem to be a perfect match Tht l kh a ra quyt nh khi m c 2 ng vin dng nh ngang sc ngang ti 2. The recruiter told him that, unfortunately, he did not fit the job profile Ngi tuyn dng ni rng, tht khng may, anh ta khng hp vi bn tm lc cng vic 2. As jobs change, so does the company's profile for the job candidate Khi cng vic thay i, bn tm lc cho cc ng vin vo lm vic ca cng ty cng thay i.

When the consulting firm recruited her, they offered to pay her relocation expenses Khi cng ty t vn tuyn dng c ta, h ngh thanh ton chi ph chuyn ch cho c 2. Submit your rsum to the human resources department Hy np s yu l lch ca anh cho b phn nhn s. The applicant submitted all her paperwork in a professional and timely manner Ngi xin vic np tt c giy t cng vic ca mnh theo cch chuyn nghip v ng lc.

Even though it was time-consuming, all of the participants felt that the open house was very worthwhile Mc d l tn nhiu thi gian, tt c nhng ngi tham d li cm thy rng dp tham quan t do l rt ng gi 2.

Five interviews later, Ms. Lopez had the job, but it was the most timeconsuming process she had ever gone through Nm cuc phng vn gn y, c Lopez c vic lm, nhng n l qu trnh tn nhiu thi gian nht m c y tng tri qua. Phn 3 [M] Cc bn c ngh ra tng no hon thnh qu trnh tm vic ca mnh cha? V nim mong i ca ti thnh hin thc. Ti lm vic ny trong vng nm thng. Im very hopeful about a position I interviewed for yesterday. I know I have all the qualifications.

Ti rt hi vng v v tr ti tham gia phng vn hm qua. Ti bit ti c y kh nng chuyn mn.

And its about time too. Ive been at this for five months now. Bn tm tt l lch c nhn ca bn phi lit k ra nhng phm cht tng ng vi cng vic m bn ang ng tuyn. N cng phi lit k nhng thnh tch c th trong cng vic qu kh v trng. L th by t nguyn vng cng nn phc tho cc mc tiu cng vic di hn ca bn.

Chng ti ang tuyn dng mt s v tr nhn vin b phn k ton. Mc lng cnh tranh v tng xng vi kinh nghim.

Tổng Hợp Tài Liệu Học Toeic

Candidates are asked to submit a current resume and letter of interest. Your resume should list your qualifications for the job you are applying for. It should also list specific accomplishments in past jobs or in school. Your letter of interest should also outline your long-term career goals.

If you bring together a picture of your past, your current goals, and your future, your profile will be more cohesive to our hirers.


We are currently recruiting for entry-level positions in our accounting department. Salaries are competitive and commensurate with experience. The designer's ability was obvious from her porfolio Nng lc ca ngi thit k r rng t h s thit k ca c ta 2.

The college graduate applied for three jobs and received three offers Ngi tt nghip cao ng xin vic 3 ni v nhn c 3 li mi cho 2. Everyone who is interested should apply in person at any branch office Ngi no c quan tm c th ch thn n np n ti bt k vn phng chi nhnh no. Your background in the publishing industry is a definite asset for this job Kinh nghim ca anh trong cng nghip xut bn l mt vn qu r rng cho cng vic ny 2.

The employer did a complete background check before offering him the job Ngi ch ra mt bi kim tra kin thc ton din trc khi cung cp cho anh ta cng vic. Thanks to her careful research, the applicant felt that she was ready for the interview with the director of the program Nh s nghin cu cn thn ca mnh, ngi xin vic thy rng c ta sn sng cho cuc phng vn vi ngi gim c ca chng trnh 2. The young woman was so excited when she was called in for an interview that she told everyone she knew.

The human resources manager called in all the qualified applicants for a second interview. Good applicants show confidence during an interview Nhng ngi xin vic gii th hin s t tin trong sut cuc phng vn 2. He had too much confidence and thought that the job was his Hn ta qu t tin v ngh rng cng vic l ca mnh. The company is constantly looking for highly trained employees Cng ty khng ngng tm kim nhng nhn vin c o to tt 2. Martin constantly checked his messages to see if anyone had called for an interview Martin lun kim tra tin nhn xem c ai c mi phng vn hay khng.

Our department head is an expert in financing Th trng b phn ca chng ti l mt chuyn gia v ti chnh 2. The candidate demonstrated that he was an expert in marketing Ngi d tuyn biu l rng anh ta l mt chuyn gia v tip th. Always follow up an interview with a thank -you note Lun bm st mt cuc phng vn vi mt l th cm n ngn 2. Marla was hesitant about negotiating a higher salary Marla lng l v vic thng lng v mt mc lng cao hn 2.

The recent college graduate was hesitant about accepting his first offer Ngi mi tt nghip cao ng lng l v vic chp nhn li ngh lm vic u tin. Her hands trembled and she spoke weakly at the interview Tay c ta run v c ta ni ging yu t ti bui phng vn 2. She wrote so weakly that we couldn't read it C ta vit yu n ni chng ti khng th c n. I had absolutely no confidence in myself. Ti hon ton khng tin tng vo kh nng ca bn thn mnh. I was hesitant to go on my first job interview because I didnt think I could present myself well.

I was sure no one would hire me. Ti rt do d trong ln u i phng vn xin vic v ti ngh ti khng th t gii thiu bn thn mnh tt. Tht ra, ti mun nh bn gip ti xy dng chng trnh cho mt cuc hi tho m ti phi trnh by vo tun ti. In fact, Id like to ask you to help me out with planning a workshop I have to give next week. Salvo is currently looking to hire people with a background in Asian Languages as well as software design. To hear about this special opportunity, press one. To listen to job descriptions for all of our current job openings, press two.

To request an application, press three. To follow up on your application status, press four. To learn the location of a Salvo Employment Presentation in a city near you, press five. Please have a pen and paper by the phone and be ready to record the relevant information. Salvo hin ang cn tuyn nhng ngi c kh nng s dng ngn ng Chu cng nh thit k phn mm.

Nhn phm ba.

Hy chun b bt v giy cnh in thoi v sn sng ghi li nhng thng tin c lin quan. The trainees' conduct during training was unacceptable Cc c x ca nhng thc tp sinh trong lc hun luyn l khng th chp nhn 2. The new training program generated a lot of interest among employees Chng trnh hun luyn mi to ra nhiu li ch cho mi nhn vin 2. The job fair at the college campus should generate interest in our company Hi ch vic lm trong khun vin trng cao ng to ra li ch cho cng ty chng ti.

The new hire has integrated well with his colleagues Nhn vin mi thu ha hp tt vi cc ng nghip ca anh ta 2. She was hired after her third interview C ta c thu sau ln phng vn th ba. The workers were told that they must keep up with the changes or they would find themselves without jobs Cc cng nhn c bo rng h phi theo kp vi nhng thay i hoc l h s t o thi khi cng vic 2. Employees are encouraged to take courses in order to keep up with new developments Nhn vin c khuyn khch tham d cc kha o to theo kp s pht trin mi look up to v.

Staff members looked up to the director because he had earned their respect over the years Tp th nhn vin tn knh ngi gim c v ng c hng s knh trng ca h sut nhng nm qua 2. The mentor helped her make some decisions about combining career and family Ngi c vn gip c thc hin vi quyt nh v vic kt hp hi ha gia ngh nghip v gia nh 2.

One problem with many programs is that the mentors don't feel invested in the progress of the employees with whom they are working Mt vn ca cc chng trnh l cc c vn khng chu u t vo s pht trin nhn vin vi nhng ngi m h cc c vn a ng lm vic. If we stay on track, the meeting should be finished at 9: Nu chng ti lm theo ng k hoch th cuc hp s kt thc vo 9: You have a lot of work; if you cant stay on track, let me know immediately. We put the rejects in this box Chng ti nhng ph phm vo trong hp ny 2.

Even though Mr. Lukin rejected their offer, they remained in contact D l ng Lukin bc b li ngh ca h, h vn lin lc vi ng ta set up v. Hy sp xp thi gian v ni chn cho bui hp, ri thng bo vi nhng ngi c lin quan. The company accomplished setting up two more subsidiaries in the same year. The director's success came after years of hiring the right people at the right time S thnh cng ca gim c c c sau nhiu nm thu ng ngi vo ng thi im.

When the manager won an award, he attributed his success to his colleagues Khi trng phng ot c gii thng, anh cho rng s thnh cng ny l nh ng s. The new hire received such good training that, within a week, she was as productive as the other workers Ngi nhn vin mi nhn c s hun luyn tt n ni, trong vng mt tun, c c nng sut nh l cc cng nhn khc 2.

The training is designed to prepare all workers, new and old, for the changes that the company will face Vic hun luyn c thit k chun b cho tt c cng nhn, mi v c, trc nhng thay i m cng ty s phi i mt. The personnel officer updated the employees on the latest personnel changes Th k vn phng cp nht cho nhn vin bit nhng thay i nhn s mi nht 2. Ive been concerned that the group is too big. Ti phi i y. Ti phi b tr phng hp cho phin hp chiu nay. Hn gp li bn sau. Well, I have to get going. I need to set up the meeting room for this afternoons session.

See you later. Bi 13 Phn 3 [M] n thi im ny, tun o to tin trin th no ri? Ti ang lo cc nhm qu ng thnh vin. Phn 4 Cho mng mi ngi n vi chng trnh o to c vn thng nin c t chc ln u tin ca chng ti. Bn c cc ng nghip la chn tham gia chng trnh v h ngng m bn. V vy xin chc mng tt c cc bn ang ngi y. Hm nay, bt u chng ta s phc tho danh sch nhng c im to thnh mt nh c vn thnh cng. Ti mun tt c cc bn dnh ra vi pht ngh v mt nh c vn bn tng quen bit hoc cng tc. V vy, vui lng lit k tng ca bn ngay lc ny v khi ti yu cu dng bt, l lc chng ta s chia s tng vi nhau.

Part 4 Welcome to our first annual mentors training program. You have been selected by your coworkers for this program because they look up to ngng m, knh trng, tin tng you. And thats an honor. So congratulations to all of you for being here.

Today were going to start by generating a list of characteristics that make a successful mentor. Id like you all to take a few minutes to think back to a mentor youve known or worked with. What made that person a good mentor? In order to stay on track with our schedule, well take no more than five minutes for this first activity. So, please begin listing your ideas now, and when I say stop it will be time to share with the group. The manager didn't have any basis for firing the employee Ngi trng phng khng c bt k c s no cho vic sa thi ngi nhn vin 2.

The new staff member wasn't aware of the company's position on working a second job Ngi nhn vin mi khng nhn thy c v th ca cng ty khi ang lm cng vic th hai 2. Are you aware of the new employee's past work history? Anh c bit v lch s lm vic trc y ca ngi nhn vin mi khng? Although the analyst earned a better salary at his new job, his benefits were better at his previous job Mc d chuyn vin phn tch kim c mc lng tt hn vi cng vic mi, nhng phc li ca anh ta li tt hn vi cng vic trc y 2.

The company compensates employees for overtime by paying double for extra hours Cng ty n b cho nhn vin lm thm gi bng cch tr gp i cho gi ph tri 2. The company will compensate employees for any travel expenses Cng ty s b cho nhn vin v bt k chi ph i li no.

Senior management is handling these contract negotiations delicately Ban lnh o x l nhng v thng lng hp ng ny mt cch khn kho thn trng 2. The manager delicately asked about the health of his client Ngi trng phng t nh hi thm sc khe khch hng ca anh ta. Some employees may be eligible for the tuition reimbursement plan Mt s nhn vin c th tiu chun cho k hoch hon tr hc ph 2. I don't understand why I'm not eligible if I have been with the company for over a year Ti khng hiu sao ti khng tiu chun, d l ti lm cho cng ty hn mt nm.

My manager thinks flexibly, enabling herself to solve many sticky problems Trng phng ca ti suy ngh linh hot, cho php b t gii quyt nhiu vn kh chu 2. You must know what you want and what you can accept when you negotiate a salary Anh phi bit mnh mun g v mnh c th chp nhn g khi thng lng v lng bng 2. The associate looked forward to the day that she would be able to negotiate her own contracts Ngi tr l mong i n ngy m c y c th t m phn hp ng.

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With his raise, Mr. Drvoshanov was able to afford to download a new car Vi s tng lng ca mnh, ng Drvoshanov c th kh nng mua chic xe hi mi 2. We need to raise the standard for timeliness Chng ta cn tng thm tiu chun cho hp thi. C y v hu tui 64 nhng tip tc tch cc lm cng vic tnh nguyn vin. Many people would like to win the lottery and retire.

The day that Ms. Weng became fully vested in the retirement plan, she gave her two weeks' notice Ngy m b Weng c trao y k hoch ngh hu, b nhn thng bo trc 2 tun 2.

The intern spends more than half of her wages on rent Nhn vin thc tp chi tiu hn phn na tin lng ca c cho tin thu nh. Ti c bo him y t, v xt cho cng, ti ch mi lm vic khong su thng.

You should get regular wage increases. You deserve it. You deserve paid vacation and life insurance, too. Bn phi c tng lng thng xuyn. Bn xng ng c hng nhng iu. Bn xng ng c ngh php v bo him nhn th na. Im getting health insurance, after all, and Ive only been working there for six months.Writing in a second language is especially challenging.

Ti nghe tin l anh trai ca ch b tai nn xe hi. Opening a savings account. We will need to revise the form letter since our address has changed Chng ta s cn sa li th in sn v a ch ca chng ta thay i.

The teacher recommends a break of five minutes every ….